Thursday, March 30, 2006

pirating pilots

a lot of news has been going around regarding the pirating of pilots from here to other airlines abroad. of course, less has been mentioned about the initial pirating commercial airlines do to the air force. though one can argue that there aren't that many military planes to fly around with anyway, the point is the commercial airlines is benefitting from the government training given to these pilots. now boohoohoo, they're crying foul and want to restrict their own pilots' movement.

it's the same case with all other professions in the country, especially the nurse phenomenon. this exodus has been going on for ages, with teachers going to houston because of the shortage of english-speaking teachers, to accountants (also) going to the states because of the sudden increase in demand for them due to the post-enron sabarnes-oxley environment.

but if you listen to the pilots (and the nurses, the teachers, and the accountants), when asked what would make them stay, they only want a decent wage and a decent career growth path. they know companies here can't meet eye-to-eye the wages abroad (even if we have an improving exchange rate). but at the very least, give the professionals a decent chance to earn and grow that relies more on competence and less on patronage.

catholic service and cycling-spinning

in an effort to bring down my BMI to more respectable levels, i go to the spin class at the gym 2-3 times per week.

remember a few years back, during mass, there would be ladies praying the rosary, and not participating at the mass? this really ticked me off. i mean, if you want to pray the rosary, pray somewhere else, or at least not during the mass. they send the message that they disregard the general purpose of the mass and it's distracting to those (like me) trying very hard to focus on the mass as it is.

now a few years later, during spin class, there would be members doing their own routine, and not participating in the class. this really ticks me off. i mean, if you want to do your own routine, do it somewhere else, or at least not during the class. they send the message that they disregard the general purpose of the class and it's distracting to those (like me) trying very hard to focus on the class as it is.

Monday, March 20, 2006

blackness and brusqueness

dinky was arrested last friday for protesting, albeit in a very creative way.

two things tick me off though:

1) i know that the b&w guys, among them
mlq3, made sarcastic remarks about being arrested for walking with the black shirts. i mean, c'mon guys. please don't try to wash your hands on this issue. you were protesting and you knew it. and you had to resort to a clintonian/gloriaesque definition of a "rally." i do symphatize with your actions and admire your creativity; but please don't try to be cute on this one.

2) the cops who did the arresting, and presumably this administration, what's the matter with you? don't you know that you only fan the dissent? you're creating heroes out of these guys. if you want thinking people to defend you, you better stop with the strong-arm tactics. if you feel confident with your argument, you can let the dissenters shout till kingdom come; fight a bad idea with a good one. i hate the fact that you're marginalizing your critical collaborators, wanting only blind loyalty to you. you can buy blind loyalty with your cash, but you can't buy moralistic defense. and apparently, your line is morally indefensible, that's why you have to resort to force and legalistic machinations.

and just like the yesyesyo song, i don't know how to end this post conclusively (had to borrow your line,vivaglam).

Saturday, March 04, 2006

rip roaring rex

in between the friday almost-coup and the sunday almost-mutiny, i decided to go ahead with my previously-set schedule and watch the preeminent fil-am stand-up, rex navarette.

this is my 2nd time to watch rex, java junkie's first. although you can always listen to his albums, nothing beats seeing the interaction and movements of the guy onstage. java junkie and i were in stitches laughing our hearts out while munching on the styrofoam-flavored popcorn (i was too lazy to get the flavoring, or was it too cheap?).

the front act guy was also good, mimicking the voices of iconic 80s-90s commercials like 680 home appliances, and the centrophil commercial on TV, plus he did the comparison between HK's MTR announcements and our MRT voice-overs ("Please mind the gap" as opposed to "Guadalupe Station").

of course when rex came on, he really brought the house down. with topics ranging from dwende-phobia to the star wars halloween to the mmda pink urinals, he brought along the tito bhoy gag, replacing "birds and the bees" ("if a bird packed a bee, dat will be agly!"), with the arm-thrusting-in-the-air motion, "like-dis-like-dat".

rex of course had to comment on the almost-coup, saying "you don't know, but when we come out, we might already be Malaysia". Well, sunday's events showed it wasn't over yet. Even with the lifting of 1017, i doubt it'll still be over.

anyhoo, it was a great night.