Tuesday, September 12, 2006

missing makati

Now that I’ve started with my new job, I’m beginning to miss the urban lifestyle in Makati. Don’t get me wrong, the place where I am now is great, but it’s so different from what I’m used to. I guess I should enumerate the things I miss:

  • Wearing business attire – although it’s quite relaxing to wear college clothes again, I miss the sense of professionalism a tie or a barong brings. Then again, I guess it’s the actual work that should bring in the sense of professionalism
  • High rise buildings – I miss the dizzying heights those magical chests take you from floor to floor then viewing the ground below, the people looking like ants. Now, I stare down from the second floor and I see real ants (though not often, this workplace is quite clean).
  • Access to malls – one just has to ride the FX or walk around to go to Glorietta or Greenbelt, or take a short cab ride to Rockwell or the Fort. Here, there’s only one mall in the vicinity, and when I mean vicinity, it’s a long jeepney or expensive cab ride to get there.
  • Proper sidewalks – in Makati, one always kept to the sidewalk or in an under/overpass; here at the new place, the compound commands a walking area as well, but once outside, it’s a jungle crossing the street; much like college in the old days… hehehe!
  • Nightlife options – not that I have much of a nightlife, but at least I had an option for wholesome activities in Makati

Here are the things I don’t miss:

  • Paid parking – since I’m not in Makati, the parking is for free! Gas is a killer though, since I’m nearer to Makati than my current workplace
  • Expensive food – there’s an efficient canteen here that serves delicious and filling meals for less than P50 a pop!

Oh well, it wasn’t Makati I left, it was the work; the work now is cool (cool = ok, not cool = hip), good, and better than what I used to do. I guess it’s a risk-returns thing and this time the returns are greater than the negative things of not living in Makati. I still visit Makati, especially when picking up pink princess or my sister.

But one day Makati, I will be back. I will have that corner high-rise office someday.