Wednesday, June 08, 2005

friggin feudalism

We’ve always been lamenting about the brain drain happening in our beloved republic, and when I see folks actually coming back to apply what they’ve learned abroad, it brings joy to my heart.

Take this for example: studying at NYU then becoming a director for a highly-rated TV show here out in the sticks! Imagine that!

Then what happens? A member of the friggin’ elite guns him down, because said director was just trying to stop a fight! The gunman hops in his Ford Expedition/Explorer (trademark gas-guzzler), then escapes!

What will probably happen? The gunman might be taken in, then get off lightly. Meanwhile, others will have one more reason not to come back here after making good abroad, thus depriving the nation of their talent. The gunman will have a sense of entitlement, just because he can afford it, and he’ll go on believing that he’ll never be punished.

Makes me want to bash in the next Expedition I see, but it might be my boss’s, and he’s a good guy.

Hay…. And people in power are wondering why the middle class is flying out in droves??? THIS IS THE REASON!

The director’s just 26 years old, he had a full life ahead of him, and he’s gone now.

This sucks.

Friday, June 03, 2005

glasses on my desk Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

metallic monocoles

In my never-ending pursuit for vanity, I have decided to look for glasses that will serve as an alternative to my contact lenses. For some reason, my contacts seem to “crash” as the day progresses, especially if I don’t get enough sleep. Weirdly enough, it only affects one eye.

I have always used my old glasses as a backup, until it occurred to me that using 5-yr old gold rimmed corroded glasses wasn’t exactly decent, much more presentable. So I hunted a pair at my traditional optical shop, where my sister picked out this dark gray rimless pair. My dad, cousin & cousin-in-law (married to a different cousin) all have rimless glasses, and it made them look younger. Of course, with my desire to hide my age, I also went for the rimless.

When I came back to check out my grado, I was told how much it was… hmm, with the slim lens & the frame, it cost as much as a low end cellphone. But hey, I’d be using this for 5 more years right?
When I picked it up, I showed it at the office. An officemate w/ an EENT dad said that my frame was worth 1/6 of the shelf price!!! Argh!!! Then again, she saw that it was titanium, so it was ok.

Ah, the price of vanity indeed…

I’ll post the pix once I figure out how to work the photo upload thingie…