Friday, July 28, 2006

bean and biker-doctor on the bard's play

rowan atkinson and hugh laurie spoofing shakespeare!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

maligning metaphors

(short but graphic post; not for the faint of heart)

you know the expression "get blood out of a stone"? it means to try to do an impossibility.

i've found a way around it.

by making sure you grip the stone hard enough so that blood comes out. from you.

Friday, July 21, 2006

validating voting

both one voice and amando doronila have posited that the 2007 elections will reflect the people's view on whether the empress still has the mandate to rule. i really, really, really like to wish that were really true, really. however, a few things bother me in assuming the 2007 election-mandate viewpoint:

  1. would the general electorate remember or even know if their representatives and local government executives supported quashing the impeachment?
  2. are the possible contenders to the legislative and executive seats anti-gma or just anti-incumbent?
  3. if they are anti-gma, do they have the capacity to inform the voters what the incumbent has done, and more importantly, what the challengers can do better?
  4. if the voters do know that their representatives and leaders are for the status quo, would it matter to them since they are also benefiting from the lagresse these local executives receive from the pasig palace?

i feel that each answer has a possibly strong "no" answer, that's why i'm worried.