Wednesday, May 31, 2006

multiple musings

hmm, i need to move on from my rancid post, so i'll just post bits and pieces of trivia for you to enjoy! :P


the martial law plan that was exposed by ninoy aquino, oplan sagittarius, was actually a marcos code. thing is, each implementor was given a different code name, say general A was given oplan alpha, secretary B was given oplan rolex, and so on. through this method, marcos was able to determine who leaked the code to ninoy. of course, the poor guy's name escapes me now, so sorry for that... hehehe :P


i got that "acidic coke" email again, so i looked for any references on wikipedia debunking that myth: here's what i found.


political front? it's a regular snoozefest...


i'm off to palawan tomorrow, while java junkie's off to baguio; she's getting the cold while i'm getting the heat...


happy birthday mlq3!!! still can't figure out how to leave a comment on his blog, with his new format and all... i guess this is the price i have to pay for being plugged to the matrix (i.e. still using IE)! hehehe! :D


till the next post! :P

Monday, May 29, 2006

rancid rants

(really downer and self-indulgent post, click here to avoid the melodrama. just refresh after a few days/weeks to see a new post.)

for the past few weeks, i've been noticing that i've been letting a whole lot of things pass through the cracks. i forget errands, appointments, deadlines, etc. i feel that there is a general dissatisfaction throughout what i'm doing, thus only enabling me to muddle on by. there is no one cause; it's more of a confluence of factors, mostly minor, but gradually chipping away at my soul.

thing is, i shouldn't be feeling this way. i shouldn't be confused or adrift, especially at my late 20s. not that that figure should mean anything, but at this age, my father already had me. or say at this age, a host of my batchmates had their own businesses or running their mini-empires in their organizations. when my contemporaries get down and get presented with other options, it's at the very least a lateral movement; i get offered for paycuts.

is it because what i do is so undefinable, that i get to be undervalued? is it because i follow a timetable, that i have to pass up the better deals? is it because i'm too patient, i become to complacent, and thus let the opportunities pass me by? do i need to be angry and raring to go to spot the tiniest window, and maybe that'll be my chance of bettering myself?

and what i do, what's it worth? in all aspects of my life, why does it seem that the actions i make with the greatest effort bring me the littlest (if any) rewards (if not outright losses). and cosmically ironic, why do the things i do with the minimal of effort bring me the biggest rewards? and most frustrating of all, why can't i pinpoint and sustain those moments of minimalist efforts? and does focusing on trying to do less make me a lazy bum?

as an example, what's the point on pouring your sweat on something when you only lose half an inch on your gut? i have to struggle in order to minimize the weight, like eating less? and to what goal? my personal vanity? and why do others seem to have an easier time at this?

it's not only the gym struggle, it's a host of other things too. it has become a series of "what's the point" questions. i plod on, hoping that in plodding, i find that point. that's what's keeping me on, the hope that there is a point, that there will be improvement, that there will be a reward.

but what if that hope is illusory? what if i've wasted my time hoping when i could've switched my options for something else that can bring me better rewards? but how do i know if it's a better option as well?

and is this my only window? to rant about it to the world in general? because everyone else around me is sick and tired of hearing nothing but my rants? that it has become so repetitive that it's pointless?

times like these, i wish i had vices to drown it out. but i don't, so i blog.

and i am so damned sick and tired of trying to rationalize it by saying i've got it better, i'm lucky i have so-and-so, i'm luckier than the majority in this land of bagoong, binalot, and basketball. it only reminds me that i have been complacent, that i could do better but i don't.

i wish i was like javajunkie who could let loose a host of diatribes and tirades; i simply am not that rebellious. i wish i was like viva_glam and hide her feelings through song; i simply am not that creative. so i just blog it as it is.

Friday, May 12, 2006

da vinci and da voltes

of late, several officials of the republic of one-of-two-countries-in-the-world-without-divorces (no, not malta) have been making noise wishing for the ban on showing The Da Vinci Code movie, as it may sway the beliefs of those who will watch it. one congressman even said that the censors board should listen to the "public clamor" against showing the movie. (there's more public clamor in increase in oil prices than in the banning of the movie...)

news reports keep on citing the banning of The Last Temptation of Christ and Schindler's List as examples of futility in trying to prevent the showing of these flicks.

these officials should better heed the warning of the Voltes V
cancellation by marcos. only this time, adults would also be against in silencing other views.

then again, there's always the friendly neighborhood dvd pirate, but watching The Da Vinci Code on the big screen is always different.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

breasts and barbeque

are we that deprived and that destitute that we have to compete in, among other things, the most mothers breast-feeding and the longest grill?

has it come to this?