Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Typhoon Translation

Isn't it weird that the international name for the typhoon hitting our republic today is "Hagupit" but we call it "Nina"? How many countries still rename their typhoons? Is it as many as the countries that still have no divorce law (2) or maintain a 10-year educational system as opposed to 12-year system worldwide?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tripping Towards the 31st

My 31st birthday was more eventful than my 30th birthday. While my 30th birthday was building up my anxiety of where I was and what I had accomplished, especially since I'd be moving out of the 20s and into the 30s, I was pretty relaxed when year 31 rolled in. In addition, I had the usual birthday cake and blowout on my 30th, but crazy mishaps greeted me on my 31st!

On my way for lunch, I went to the ATM to grab some cash, using my rarely-used BPI card (since this was an Ayala mall). The ATM ate my card not at the PIN-entering stage, but right at the beginning, where it was asking what language I preferred! I was a bit peeved at what happened, but by the time I finished, I was still smiling because I knew that I could still retrieve my card without having to pay extra (I just needed to go back to Glorietta by that Monday).

But later that night, after dinner, Lady Luck decided to play another prank. At the parking lot with Bambi, Marchy's batteries died! (No, I did not leave the lights on… Hehehe!) (See picture of Marchy, got this from the net, Marchy's silver):

Fortunately, Mom and Dad were still at the mall parking lot so they came by. I thought I was still prepared since I bought a series cable days beforehand and tried to juice up Marchy. The operative word was "tried", since I apparently failed… We called up the Motolite hotline to get a new battery, which they did on time. Turns out the battery was really dead (Marchy is a 2nd hand car). But I was still smiling since I knew that there would be help in the form of my parents and Motolite.

In addition on the 31st (which shouldn’t be included in the birthday count, but since we're on the topic of mishaps), my sis & I (with her friends) went to Rockwell for her to watch Death Race while I shopped for groceries. Since my sister went out after dinner, she went ahead with her friends to the Fort while I hung out at the mall for a bit longer. Unfortunately (again), I realized that I had left my parking card with my sister! So I waited a bit at the parking lot while the security got copies of my license and registration to show that it was my car (it's a dinky Marchy, I'm sure it's not a hot car target). Fortunately, the guard says I can get the penalty back if I return to the mall within 15 days, so I still left with a smile.

So thanks to BPI, Motolite, Rockwell, my parents, my sister, and Bambi for keeping me company, extending moral support, being dependable, not getting my bank account, not thinking I was a carnapper, and for just being there (yeah I know, they don't match). I rather enjoyed having a colorful and eventful greeting on my birthday!

(Yes, I missed the Eraserheads concert. I thought it'd be weird attending the concert, since I do love their music, but I was anxious at attending concerts, which may have gotten out of hand. Turns out it was a rather orderly affair, so oh well… at least Ely's recovering well.)

Here's to the last year of being in the calendar!!!