Thursday, June 29, 2006

rockwell rambunctiousness

pink princess picked me up at the office the other day wearing something chic: a white 3/4 blouse, black slacks, and her dad's dior tie. (mental note, i must be turning gay when i use the word "chic".) we haven't seen each other in a couple couple (2x2) of days, so we were happy just traipsing in the rain on the way to the car. since we were both relatively (drenched) dressed up, it was either greenbelt or rockwell. due to the rains, rockwell was the choice.

we haven't been to rockwell in quite a while, so we were surprised by the new layout, like the missing fully booked (it went upstairs), being replaced by zara. we also saw pedring with a girl i thought was olivia daytia, but princess said it was someone else. her highness also saw the sale on mango and began hunting for bargains; i just lounged around in the bored SO area trying to keep my brain from pouring out due to boredom (joke!).

after going around the former plant, we then went to burgoo and made full use of the crayons. all of our kindergarten and grade school drawing skills came back, almost neglecting to eat our seafood linguini & cheeseburger (guess who had what). after getting drunk on bottomless regular iced tea and drawing everything from flying cars to nipa huts to small-circle-small-circle-big-circle piggies, we decided to call it a night and headed for home.

a truly smiley-happy fun date :P

Friday, June 16, 2006

simulated shouting posted this item that the sigaw ng bayan website has been the target of hackers lately.

i remember mlq3 writing about the supposed 9 million hits and paeng's disbelief in such figures.

then i remember that disturbingly political selling of sigaw @ AGFO.

i have this overly antagonistic bitter aftertaste for every government-churned press release. i don't know if it's pavlovian or it's because my dad was a public information officer for the air force so i know that government "praise releases" should always be taken with a huge teaspoonful of salt.

at any rate, i'm wondering if raul lambino made these accusations so that the online community would be lured to his website to check it out?

like the statement of the 9 million hits; netizens would be curious how interesting the site would be, only to be met with an "overflow/overcapacity" message.

or in this instance, netizens would be curious what kind of vandalism was posted; more like seeing the sigaw folks' comeuppance rather than sympathizing with them, then finding nothing.

at any rate, these visits (my visit included) has contributed to the additional hit and the additional unique viewers, which sigaw would undoubtedly use for their own advantage (number cruncher visited sigaw; ergo he must support us)! argh!

they must be really desperate for inflating support; imagine, being wild zealots at an AGFO meeting. it's bad enough they're zealots towards normal people or even hakot crowds. but you're talking to AGFO, to generals and flag officers who currently or previously have the unfortunate but necessary responsibility to send their men inevitably to danger and even death, and the sigaw folks treat these officers as a bunch of wide-eyed ignoramuses?

at any rate, i just wonder how these guys will get around any possible supreme court ruling against them.

helpless? housekeep!

everything seems so blah these days... so i've been "housekeeping" to keep myself busy... i edited some of my links and i'm in the process of backing up my files so i can finally reformat my PC.

speaking of which, i've been trying to test this spare Intel P4 1.7Ghz processor at the office; i connected it to one of the spare PCs here that also uses almost the same processor (almost; although both processors have the same specs, test processor is made in malaysia, while control processor is made in costa rica). the test processor doesn't work and i don't have any more motherboards or units to test on. i asked our all-around messenger to have it tested on our suking hardware shop, but he reported that the technicians didn't want to pull out their tester (i.e. spare CPU) out of the top shelf. (they keep the spare CPUs on the top shelf because the said processor model is already 3 years old, i.e. ancient technology.)

it's almost two years since i acquired my nokia 6230 and i'm itching to get a new phone, not necessarily a 3G model. i have my eyes on the nokia N91, not because of the mp3 capability, but because of the 4GB hard drive available.

(i still remember when we bought my old PC, the first one in our set to have windows. it had a 2GB hard drive and my uncle who accompanied us said, "two gigs? mamamatay ka na bago mo yan mapuno!!!" much like the wrongly attributed
quote of one William Henry Gates III.)