Tuesday, April 26, 2005

bora bloopers in the boy's book

a break from the bora narratives, here are more bambi & lee bora bloopers:

jon (bambi's bro-in-law): o, anong tatak ng goggles mo?
bambi (yabang): eto, arena. kay lee arenak!

lee: porque't wala pang P150 ginastos ko dyan e, pareho namang itim e.


bambi: teka, bakit parang iba goggles ko?
lee: hmm? (pa-inosente)
bambi: kinuha mo arena ko!!!
lee: di naman e, pareho lang itim! (kunwari pa)...


walking along bora beachwalk

bambi: uy, tingnan mo yung palapit na guy, kamukha ni juno (friend ni lyn)
lee: talaga?
bambi: oo!

after guy walks past

bambi: juno! juno! (sabay takbo)
lee: sana maging quicksand itong polvoron sand right now at lamunin na ako....


tambay at room

bambi: anong movie yan?
lee: yung "dragon: the bruce lee story" (sorry, no pun jokes here)
bambi: uy, fight scene! (dubbing) o, kaya mo ba yan?
lee (dubbing): mas magaling ako, kaya kong mag-split!
bambi (dubbing): e nagsplit ka kasi sinipa kita e! hwayaaah!!!
lee (dubbing): a basta-hwayaaah! di naman ako kalbo!!!

and so on....


at the henna place

jon: ok pala dito magpahenna
bambi: bakit? magaling kasing gumawa? maganda design? may libreng pa-retouch (kuripot!)
jon: hinde, ok dito mag-girl watch
lee: oo nga e, tingnan mo yung nakabikini o (alin? lahat sila nakabikini!)...
bambi: (pours sand on lee) eto sa yo!
lee: hmm, pang-exfoliate uli... :P


at red coconut pool

bambi: diba mas buoyant yung tao pag nasa water?
lee: yup, bakit?
bambi: karga mo ako!
lee: ok (lifts bambi in water)
bambi: yay!
lee: o, ako naman!
bambi: e ang bigat mo e!
lee: e diba mas buoyant nga tao in the water?
bambi: fine... (lifts lee in the water)
lee: yay!

after 5 seconds

bambi: o sya, tama na (sabay drops lee in the water)
lee: *gurgle3x...*


before going to fish-feeding

lee: (outside bambi's room) o, ready ka na?
bambi: okay, let's go! (we both have the same board shorts & same seahorse designs on our shirts)
jijit (bambi's sis): ang baduy nyo...

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

bora bonanza: part one: spicy soy sauce

To the 3 readers of my blog, I’m back from boracay, land of the polvoron sand! He3x! 5 days of swimming, sunbathing, vacationing; all the things I am never known for! Since I’m too lazy to organize my thoughts in a creative narrative (for example, use an "in medias res" approach or come up with a epic story), I’m just going to blog it by chronological order (boo! Hiss!). I’ll also be posting it by day in order to break up the rather long narrative.

April 19, 2005:

Erap’s birthday, what a way to start the day. Bambi has already texted me to come in early at the airport, so that I won’t have to fight the long lines. I was still eating my small breakfast when she called me (thank you sun cellular!) saying that she was already at the airport! Since I would have a later flight, I wasn’t all that worried. I picked up my 2 bags then went off to the airport. By the way, this is the first time I’d be travelling getting out of the house with just my flip flops on.

Upon arrival at the airport, I knew she was definitely right: the line was long. Fortunately, it was a moving line. At least it wasn’t as long & as torturous as my Hum I pre-enlistment back in 1996 (man, has it been that long?). finally, after being checked by the friskers & the x-rays, getting my ticket, and paying the terminal fee, I was in the departure area. There I saw bambi & her family! We played with her nieces & nephews for a while, particularly the twins, then I bought my newspapers to see the business chismis for the day. After a while, she & her family boarded, then I waited almost an hour before my flight. I almost missed my flight because I was watching the flight guide, but when Asian Spirit’s gate came up, they didn’t show the gate! I had to look for their gate, so I ended up at the shuttle with no seats remaining, and seeing someone who looked like toni gonzaga :P

After an uneventful flight, we arrived at caticlan airport, where it was undergoing construction. Thus, our arrival area was nothing more than a tent, we had to pick up the bags from the trailer thing. Fortunately, the willy’s resort guy ruel was waiting, so we got to my ride. Bambi and her fam got in earlier, she was already having a tattoo done.

When we boarded the boat to boracay, I was looking forward to it! I had just rode a boat in sorsogon and I fell in love with boating. This boat was enclosed though, but it was ok; I had the boat to myself, plus the 3 crewmembers. I initially thought we’d get off at the nearest part of the island, but I had to contain my excitement as we proceeded way beyond that point (ending up at station 1). We landed at the rock in front of willy’s resort, willy’s rock (only later would I find out that it was a really popular rock). The only thing I didn’t like about the resort was the kelp around the area (I’m not sure if it’s really kelp or a grosser substance; if it’s a grosser thing, I’d rather not find out).

I then walked in the midday sun to red coconut (bambi’s resort). I kept on looking at the left, just in case I missed it. Finally, I arrived at the resort, but she wasn’t around! Oh no! it turns out that she was looking for me at the beach walk while I was burning in the beach sand… we finally saw each other, shook hands, tweaked noses (ok that was made-up).

We then went to red coconut to see the rest of her family, then we ate at the restaurant there. They mostly ate seafood (my curse starts), so I was left with the liempo & the spicy soy sauce. After lunch, we then went to willy’s to show her my resort, but we didn’t immediately swim since the sun was doing it’s darndest to bake us that day, so we waited in the shade until it was better, then we swam away from the kelp.

We then went back to red coconut where I think we also swam by the beachfront then went to the poolside, where the pamangkins were swimming. After taking our showers, we went to this dampa-like place past D’Mall, and they ordered more seafood there. As usual, I stuffed myself with fried chicken & rice, which they fortunately ordered as well. After that, since we had a tiring first day, we went back to our hotel rooms.

More bora days to come! :P

Monday, April 18, 2005

butanding beguilement and blowout blues

to the 3 readers of my blog, i apologize for the rather long delay in posting messages. the office had been preparing for this big presentation, so i couldnt do much on my rest time except read the online newspapers.

at any rate, we went to legazpi city for business, then last saturday, we went to see the whale sharks (butanding) at sorsogon. initially i didn't want to, since i'm not really a water person & my bora trip w/ bambi would be coming up soon (watch out for bora bloopers!). but since it was quasi-office thing, i went ahead.

i have only ridden (right tense?) in bancas in less than five times throughout my entire life. when i rode last saturday, it was so cool! the spray against the face, the freedom of being able to sail across the water, it was amazing!

afterwards, the spotter would stop the banca and point to where the whale shark has been spotted (hence his title). in our flippers, masks, snorkels, and life vests, we dove in to swim for the fish. the first two times i missed it, but upon the third time (sans vest), i got to see it! beofre i went for the trip, i thought the whale shark was only as big as a human, at most (you can bonk me on the head now.). upon seeing the creature, it was huge!!! It was longer than a danged car!!! I even almost touched it’s tail fin! Wow!!! :D:D


unfortunately, during our return back to the metro, we came in the airport late by 5 minutes!!! As a result, we had to take a rented van to manila, which takes around 8-10 hours. At camarines sur, we even experienced a blowout! Hay, 5 minutes… :(